FastER Urgent Care  


What is an urgent care center and how is it different than an emergency room?

Urgent care is defined as the delivery of ambulatory medical care outside of a hospital emergency department on a walk-in basis without a scheduled appointment. Urgent care centers treat many problems that can be seen in a primary care physician's office, but urgent care centers offer some services that are generally not available in primary care physician offices, for example: X-Ray facilities allow for treatment of minor fractures and foreign bodies. Minor trauma rooms allow also allow for repair of minor and moderate-severity lacerations in an urgent care center. Urgent care centers are not equipped however to manage severe or life threatening illness or injuries such as a heart attack, stroke, amputation or severe shortness of breath.

Why should I go to an urgent care center and not an emergency room or primary care office?

Urgent care centers provide significant savings to patients and insurers over the alternative of hospital emergency departments for episodic care that cannot be delayed until an appointment at a physician office is available. In addition, their scope of treatment is more extensive than retail clinics (in-store clinics located in retail centers such as a drugstore) making the need for transfer (and additional charges and patient inconvenience) to a higher-level facility more unlikely.
The CDC has reported that approximately 40% of visits to hospital emergency departments are for non-urgent or semi-urgent problems (more appropriate to urgent care). These problems aggravate the overcrowded emergency departments of the country, and many would be better treated in an urgent care center.

What is the wait time at FastER Urgent Care?

Unlike most emergency departments where it may take hours to be seen, wait times at FastER Urgent Care are typically 20-30 minutes and may be even less.

Do you take my insurance?

FastER Urgent Care is working with many insurance carriers to become an in network provider. You will be responsible for any co-payment at the time of service. If we don't participate with your insurance or you don't have insurance, FastER Urgent Care accepts cash, Visa/Mastercard and debit cards. We will bill your insurance company for you but payment is due at the time of service. We offer a 30% discount for cash paying customers.